Earlham, Iowa


The Kuehn Conservation Area is a special place with hundreds of acres of native and re-established prairie, riparian and upland forests, archaeological sites, and unique geological formations. The project vision statement determined by the building committee is as follows:  The Kuehn Center will be a shelter that enhances environmental education opportunities, provides public amenities, demonstrates environmental stewardship and fosters connectedness between visitors and the natural environment.  Environmental stewardship strategies include:

Stormwater best management practices such as bioretention cells & selective impervious site paving

Locally and regionally sourced materials that have low embodied energy

Build upon existing native plantings and use dark-sky compliant lighting

Geothermal is an efficient/renewable source that doesn’t burn fossil fuels, therefore no CO2 emissions

Open structure provides flexibility and ease to change in the future, provide designated area of refuge